Burke and Wills expedition of 1860

On a Boxing Day, I was sitting by the ocean on the Gold Coast reading a great book “Desert Walker” - a memoir of Dennis Bartell who writes about his explorations of the Australian continent. It made me want to go and explore Australia and learn about different places. My manuscript, Desert Walker, is a... Read more »

Indooroopilly – History

Another month, another house sitting :-) At the beginning of December we moved to Indooroopilly where we looked after two Jack Russels for a month. We were living just across the road from the former silver mines at Finney's Hill and with this setting, I could explore the area and learn more about beginnings of... Read more »

Brisbane Mayors 1859-1903 (Movember series)

Last month I took part in Movember for the 5th time. Besides growing a mo, I also shared photos of Mayors of Brisbane Town - daily on Instagram and weekly summaries here on the blog. Did you like the series? Below is a list of all Mayors covered in this series. Week 1 John Petrie (1859-1862) Thomas... Read more »
  • Walter Taylor Bridge Tour

    I always wanted to see the Walter Taylor Bridge and its apartments in pylons. And since we were staying in Indooroopilly in December (you can read the history of the suburb here and here) I thought it’s a great opportunity to do this. A few weeks ago I organised a tour with Brisbane Greeters and through my... Read more »
  • Indooroopilly – Heritage

    In the first post about Indooroopilly, I wrote generally about the history of this suburb. You can find it here. Today I'm going to share with you where you can find the existing (and some unfortunately not existing anymore) heritage places. The sites are either listed in Brisbane Heritage Register or Queensland Heritage Register (few not... Read more »
  • Mayors of Brisbane – Part 5

    And here we are at the last week of the Movember. This week I share stories of 8 Mayors of Brisbane because I wanted to finish the series with all Mayors from years 1859-1903 – the times of Brisbane Town. A photo posted by Everywhere History (@everywherehistory) on Nov 23, 2016 at 4:33pm PST Image: "Alderman... Read more »
  • Mayors of Brisbane – Part 4

    Welcome to the 4th week of Movember. You can check my previous posts here, here and here. This week I learnt, among other things, who was the grand old man of local government in Queensland, and father of the Brisbane City Council. A photo posted by Everywhere History (@everywherehistory) on Nov 16, 2016 at 5:30pm... Read more »
  • Mayors of Brisbane – Part 3

    Here we are at the 3rd week of my Movember series where I present former Brisbane Mayors with very interesting facial hair. You can check previous posts from week 1 and week 2. A photo posted by Everywhere History (@everywherehistory) on Nov 9, 2016 at 5:28pm PST Image: "Alderman Edward John Baines", Brisbane City Council, Identifier BCC-B120-33473, via BCC Library... Read more »
  • Mayors of Brisbane – Part 2

    Today I continue my Movember series. You can check the first post here. When I was living in Highgate Hill and West End I often walked on Edmondstone St so it was interesting to learn about the person whose name the street bears. The other street was Hardgrave Rd in West End where I used... Read more »
  • Mayors of Brisbane – Part 1

    This month I'm taking part in Movember for the fifth time, and this year I decided to share a history of Brisbane by presenting the former Mayors of the city, some with very interesting facial hair. If you haven't heard about #Movember yet, I'll quickly explain you. Movember Foundation is a charity organisation created in Melbourne... Read more »
  • Queen Elizabeth II visiting Australia

    Last Monday was Queen's Birthday Holiday in Australia (excluding WA and QLD) so in this post wanted to recall the Queen's visits to the country. Many members of the British Royal family visited Australia, you can read more in my previous post. The early royal tours stretched over months, full of official events such as... Read more »
  • Royal Visits to Brisbane

    Royal visits to Brisbane – Part 1

    When I was researching about Annerley for blog posts I came across the history of Princess Alexandra Hospital located in this suburb. The institution was named to honour Princess Alexandra who visited to celebrate Queensland’s centenary year in 1959. 100 years earlier Queen Victoria signed the Letters Patent to create the colony of Queensland on 6... Read more »
  • Reminiscences of Queensland 1862-1899 by William Henry Corfield

    Recently I was looking for a book about early days of Queensland and found this great work of William Henry Corfield. I got a free ebook from Amazon. The "Reminiscences of Queensland 1862-1899" presents an adventurous life of a future state politician. Originally in 1920 he prepared an essay for the Journal of the Royal Historical Society of... Read more »